Monday, July 27, 2015

Nolan's First Birthday Party!

Oh boy did we have some fun at Nolan's first birthday party.  Having a July baby makes it hard to have a birthday party because our home is too small, but it's almost too hot to have it outside.  So I decided to do a Beach Ball Birthday Bash.  I didn't go crazy but I had a lot of fun doing some fun stuff for his birthday. 

First I set up a little backdrop in my house to take the pictures for his invite.  It turned out so cute and so did the pics.


We did the party at our Stake Center's Pavilion.  It's nice to have the shade and there is grass, a place to attach a hose, and hooks already there for decorations.  I think it's destined to be windy any day I try and throw a party in Vegas but it wasn't as bad as the wind we had during Shaun's graduation party.

We brought our little kiddie pools and set them up for the little ones under the canopy.  

 Nolan's buddies Maddie and Jack
 Bri joined in the fun and tried out the slip 'n slide

Nolan's buddies all eating their dinners.

 Pizza, frog-eye salad, italian pasta salad, and watermelon was our boy's birthday dinner.
 Savvy with some of her buddies.
 Some of the family that made it.
 Shaun and Grammy eating dinner.

 In his birthday outfit.  
Playing water balloon volleyball!!

 Amber is excited for cake.
Nolan's beach ball birthday cake! 
His own little cake in a sand bucket! 
 Singing Happy Birthday!
 He tried to grab the candle.  Oops!

Present time! 
 He got lots of fun toys and some cute PJ's.

He was pretty wiped out by the end of the day!  So were we!  But we had a blast. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Nolan from the last six months.

My favorite moments and pics from Nolan's last six months!

 Hiking at Red Rock!
 February Disneyland trip.

 He loved our trip to the beach in March!!  So cute.
 Easter baskets
 Trying out his sippy cup.
 Getting some PApa Mangelson time

 Waiting in line at Disneyland
 Watching fireworks at Grandpa MAngelson's house
 Loves baths in the sink
His best buddy.

Nolan's first six months

The prospect of having to try and catch up is a little daunting for me so I decided to do time span catch-up posts.  So here are some of my favorites pictures and moments from Nolan's first six months.  And then I'll do from 7 months to now and then maybe a post here or there with major things that happened.

 We were able to go up to St. George for a little bit of the Mangelson family reunion.  And Nolan got to meet Grandpa Nolan.  It was a great reunion from what I heard and I wish we could have attended more of it.  But we were happy to see some family  And also attend Paige and Markus's wedding.

 Grandpa Phillips came down to Vegas to look at houses I believe and was able to meet Nolan.
 We were able to go to Cali for Sophie's blessing as well so Paka got to meet the man responsible for his middle name.  So happy that Nolan has an awesome Grandpa to look up to.
 Seriously sleeps all the time.
 Finally starting to get more alert.

 He was Superman for Halloween!

 At the beach right before Christmas.  He fell asleep about 10 minutes after this pic.

 We had a ton of family make it down for Nolan's blessing.  It was nice to have them and all our friends here as well.