Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tiffany's Baby Shower

My cousin is due June 21st but will be induced on the 14th, the day before my birthday, so she will probably be born on my birthday!! Naturally, I had to throw the shower for my future birthday buddy. I had a lot of fun trying to be crafty. We played some really fun games. They were a little different than normal baby shower games so I think that everyone had a good time!!! Can't wait to meet my future (hopefully) birthday buddy!!

I didn't get a picture with all the food on the table but everything was really yummy. The big pink cone was turned into a donut tree with some donut holes.

The drink table: We had yummy juices and milk. You haven't ever tried the Simply Apple Juice brand.. you should!! It's yummy.. Not quite Apple Hill status but almost there!

Candy guessing game and name suggestion table

Tiff and her Mom and sisters

She got some really adorable clothes

Spencer had to help open the presents of course!

Almost everyone that came to the shower!!

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jmw said...

Cute decorations! I love the softness of the pompoms and the hershey kiss bottle and the quote on the wall, esp. :)