Friday, January 21, 2011


So every other year we have a family reunion at Disneyland. We really wanted to go but weren't sure if we were going to be able to afford it. I had saved the money from baby-sitting/house-sitting jobs but we talked about how we would probably need that money for bills. We talked about it and after a few times of crunching numbers on Excel we decided to go and make the memories with our family.

He was hungry so he didn't like the Carousel all that much!
We had a really good time. It was a little hard sometimes because I have a baby now. It's amazing all of the adjustments you have to make when you have a baby. I was always used to just going where I wanted.. riding whatever I wanted.. hanging out with the older kids. But this time it was different. My parents took him two different times so we got to ride the big kid rides but both of those times we couldn't really catch up with everybody. So we hung out with Chris and Julie a lot. I think that the whole trip would have been really boring if Julie didn't have a baby too. We hung out a lot. I was a little sad not being able to spend time with some of my other family but I got some good moments in with them. Hopefully next time we go Jakey will like it a lot more. Although he did seem to enjoy the rides we did go on. He wasn't so sure about Pirates at first but after the drop he calmed down and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I also found him a really cute beanie that had Mickey ears on it. He looked so cute. I love Disneyland and can't wait to go again!!!

After Aladdin at California Adventure!!
I have no idea what he is looking at?

Mickey Mouse trying to get Jakey to smile!! So cute!!

His super cute Mickey ears!!

Shaun next to his favorite movie! There is going to be a sweet ride coming to California Adventure in 2011.

Tori getting Jakey to smile!! Super cute!!

"Curse you tiny toilet!"
This was one of the toddler potties in the baby care services at Disneyland!! So cute!

Trying to break out of jail!
Shaun's new favorite! Seriously everytime I asked what he wanted to do he said "Captain EO"
Now he wants to grow out his hair and be Captain EO for Halloween! I don't know about that?

Our first family pic with Goofy and Mickey!!
Shaun had to buy Fuzz Ball from Captain EO for Jakey but really he wanted it for himself!!

The whole family!!

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