Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun in the Sun.... and Water too!!

It is starting to get pretty warm in Sac Town!! The other day Jake was going crazy... wanting to go outside. He says "side... side" when he wants to go outside. He kept saying it pointing to the "dowr" . So I figured we wouldn't make it to the park but we could just play outside in the water. Our friend in the complex bought a little kiddie pool and she let us borrow it.. so we set it up outside.. I put Savannah in her little exersaucer and we had a pretty good time outside. Savvy and I got pretty red-faced and hot but Jake had a blast until I took him inside kicking and screaming but at least he got a good 1 and a half outside... Love my munchkins!!! 
Love her blue eyes!!

He love playing with those rocks!! He especially loves putting them in his mouth!!

Eyes closed..
He loves drinking the water!! Yuck!!
Especially loves drinking from the hose!

She was getting pretty hot!!! I kept fanning her but her cheeks still got pretty red.. even though you can't really tell from this pic..

Classic Jake face!!

I was afraid he was gonna get his head stuck.. but luckily his head is still pretty small..
Mischievous face!!

Cutie Pie Face!!

Love my babes

Classic kisses that look like he is going to eat her!!

Sav has her own mischeivous face!

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