Wednesday, November 21, 2012

C'mon Son!

So, for those of you who don't know me really well.. I'm obsessed with the USA network show, Psych!! It's hilarious!! When Shaun and I want to watch a movie it almost always ends up being an episode or two of Psych. I think that Gus and Shawn's relationship is so unique and they just play off each other so well. Anyways, this past season they had a couple new catch phrases that were pretty funny.. One of them was C'Mon Son... a catch phrase that they coined from Ed Lover I guess. Anyways.. we were driving to Shaun's friend's house the other day and Shaun and I were talking and he said something silly.. so I said, "C'mon Son!" He chuckled a little and then we hear Jake from the back seat saying "c'mon son" in his cute little voice. Shaun and I busted up laughing. It was funny so when we got home I got it on video.. along with some counting and repeating of the alphabet. I also posted a link to a montage of Shawn and Gus saying C'mon son... along with some of Shawn's names that he uses to introduce Gus, and another phrase they used a lot this season.. prob not the best one.. But still funny!!

Shawn and Gus Montage
C'Mon Son/Names/Suck It!

Jake's version of C'mon Son!

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